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Type: E-Boat
Service: German Navy
Builders: Johann Schlichting boatyard
Year Built: 1943
Number Built:  
Displacement: 110 tons
Length: 34.94m
Beam: 5.28m
Draught: 1.67m
Engines: 3 x MB511 V 20cyl
Max Speed: 40 knots

S130 April / May 2004

The E-boat S130 has been towed from the mud berth at Marchwood, where she has lain for the last one and a half years, to the slipway at Hythe Marine, in Hythe, Southampton, Hampshire England. We discovered that her sea cocks were open, and this explained the majority of water getting into the hull at each high tide. A smaller hull leak was found, which the onboard pump has been able to handle. The boat will be on the slip for about 12 days. We will attend to all underwater problems, and seal the hull for a tow to a yard yet to be announced, for restoration."


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S130 at Marchwood April 2004
After pumpimg she floats high as most of the ballast has been removed

Bows on after slipping achieved. The port list is a problem, caused we think by the
engine room layout, with the generator on the port side

Nearly there..waiting for the tide to recede, so that further chocking can be done

The passage crew:
Peter Baillie our Vice Chariman, Simon, and his son our youngest member,
David, and Ian.

Inside bridge. Steering rod and chain to a quadrant looks to be in good order.
May 2004

Aft engine room, MWM generator..BMPT May 2004

Aft engine room. Main swithboard. May 2004

Aft engine room, with one main engine MWM 16 cylinder, looking aft towards shaft tunnel. May 1004

Aft engine room, gearbox, main engine to centre shaft. May 2004

Aft engine room, main engine and generator, looking forward at the port side of
engine room. May 2004.

Another view of the generator in the aft engine room space. May 2004

Centre engine room. Both engines and shafts removed.
Looking at bulkhead below after end of bridge wheelhouse. May 2004

Centre engine room, looking aft through engine room door, at generator. May 2004.
Note the water line of flooded area. This is now pumped out regularly

Compartment aft of fuel tanks, situated aft of engine room.
Note gun sponson. Note also the water level, general level through the boat, which has
caused considerable corrosion. This is now pumped out dry on a regular basis.
The water appears to be sea water. May 2004.

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To see the S130 report for September 2004 click here
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